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Become a Champion for AMP!

Lend your name to our cause by setting up a ‘project’ under AMP’s crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy. If you have an upcoming birthday, you could pledge to raise funds for AMP in lieu of gifts, climb a mountain or dedicate an upcoming event to our cause.

Popular crowdfunding opportunities include:

  • Pledging your birthday
  • Sporting events
    • The Argus
    • Telkom 947
    • Comrades Marathon
    • Colour Run
    • The Munga
    • Two Oceans
    • Trail Runs
    • Everest Base Camp
  • A concert for your cause
    • Are you a member of a choir, band or school ensemble that often puts on free concerts? You can create a campaign for AMP around one of your concerts.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up here via this very quick and simple online form.

Step 2: Inform your friends, family, colleagues, networks about your fundraiser, via social media, email, and word of mouth – encourage them to give to the cause! Let them know why you care about it.

Choosing a fundraising target benchmark:

A good target for first-timers is about R2,000 – R5,000. More experienced crowdfunders can go for R10,000 depending on their network of supporters.

Your campaign is more likely to be successful if you choose a specific item or activity as the target of your fundraising, e.g. “I am aiming to raise R8,500 to sponsor an AMP learner’s instrument tuition for one year”. If you would like to choose a specific item for your campaign, you can choose from the list of fundable items provided on AMP’s Donate page.

More info

You can also support our cause by making a donation on BackaBuddy here:

For more information about donating to our cause or setting up your own campaign please emailĀ or

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