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AMP was established in 2011 and is a project of the public benefit organisation The Arkwork Collective.

We have a carefully structured series of programmes from foundational music learning at primary school level, up to our Internship and Doorways programmes at post-school level, which assist with bridging learners to tertiary studies and the creative industry.







For South Africa’s youth to have equal ACCESS to music education, creative industry, cultural heritage and artistic possibilities.


To enable young musical people, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to realise musical futures through a solid and competitive music education, towards the development of outstanding musicians, performers and creative professionals.


AMP’s objectives (tying in with national development goals):

  • Opening up access for underprivileged school learners to a high-quality centre of music education (national developmental goals: development of technical skills and knowledge; redressing inequalities)
  • Training learners for formal qualifications in music and access to tertiary study and career paths (accreditations and access; redressing inequalities; reducing youth unemployment)
  • Developing a music curriculum that is in line with current standards but includes neglected relevant areas of study; emphasis on African music, industry music and sound technology (development of technical skills and knowledge; promotion of heritage; reducing youth unemployment)
  • Creating a dynamic ensemble programme to bridge divisions among young people (social cohesion and transformation)


To learn more about our programme structure and what each programme entails, see:


AMP is situated in Joza Location, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Click here for a map of the community AMP serves, showing our partner schools: